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Money Saving Smartphone Apps

Money Saving Smartphone Apps

Here at Online Money Portal we believe that being frugal and making your money go as far as it can is an important part in the equation of becoming wealthy. Even if the savings only end up being a few pennies it does not matter – it is all part of the game. If you already have an iPhone then there are some good Apps that can help you keep more of your money for yourself and make it go further. For example – there is an App called ‘Grocery Gadget’ that can help you save on your grocery bill by keeping to a pre set list of everything you need. The logic behind this ‘Grocery Gadget’ is that by sticking to a list, this will help you to not buy stuff you do not need.

However, I do not recommend going out and getting yourself a brand new iPhone just so you can put these money-saving Apps on it. It would probably take a few years before you got the ROI on it – but if you already have one then it makes sense to use them. Although the apps mentioned in the above article are good I think the one called ‘Gas Buddy’ in the video below is probably one of the best because it helps you to locate the cheapest gas stations in your area – just don’t end up driving to the one that’s 50 miles away just because its cheaper!

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