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How To Take The First And Hardest Step On Your Journey To Success And What It Should Be

How To Take The First And Hardest Step On Your Journey To Success And What It Should Be

Even though the first step is just usually doing one relatively simple thing, it can also be the hardest step on your journey to make. I think the most common reason why people feel that the first step is the hardest to make is because they do not want to deal with the feeling of failing – this is not their fault because it’s very natural to not want to experience these feelings.

“Success is nothing but a string of failures that you learn from” – Anonymous.

The more you think about the above statement – the more you realise that it is true, and once you believe in it your fear of failure will disappear.  I believe that the difference between people who experience success are the ones who are just willing to fail more times than the vast majority of other people and the reason why they are happy to do so is because they have accepted that it’s just a normal part of the process. One way you could look at it is the quicker you get the failures out of the way then the quicker you will get to your success. This does not mean that you should start a project that you know is likely to be a failure just for the sake of it, but as long as you attempted to do something you believed to be reasonable and then were able to find out why it did not work out and then did not make the same mistake again in your next project – then you are surely headed down the road to success!

Sorry if this is sounding like some regurgitated hot air that you have heard a thousand times before – and I can see why you may be thinking that, so I am also going to tell you what I believe to be a great first step on your journey to wealth and success: BUY A DOMAIN! Having a domain that you can ‘brand’ is the optimum situation and in internet land, a domain with a .com TLD is the best for branding purposes. One of the most difficult aspects about buying a domain for a lot of people is finding one that fits their ‘niche’ – and they may have not even decided on a niche anyway. But I have another little tip for you – what about the brand of YOU? This solves the niche problem because if you want to turn yourself into a brand then the domain should just be YOURNAME.COM, or some variation of it. Going down this route means you will not be stuck in a specific niche and you can have many different categories on your site and perhaps focus on the one which works out the best for you a little later down the line.

A great example of someone who has done something very similar to this is John Chow, with his JOHNCHOW.COM website. His site has 16 different categories ranging from ‘blogging’ and ‘dotcom lifestyle’ to ‘fine dining’ and ‘cars’ and it is a very successful site. If you have never heard of John Chow, then you need to trust me on this – he is a big name in the world of blogging, he is almost blogging ‘royalty’ if you will. If you are looking for someone to emulate then he is without question one of the best – if not the best people to look up to. You should not just copy him, you should try to put your own spin and creativity into the mix because no one likes someone who is just a copycat and a rip off merchant but at the same time – there is nothing wrong with having someone you look up to for inspiration.

One of the other great things about having your own domain are that you can have an email address associated with it, for example if your name was Steven Jones and you bought STEVENJONES.COM then you could have ‘[email protected]’ as your email address. This looks MUCH more professional than using one of the free email services and using them is generally frowned upon when you are doing business online. Also when you have a site on a domain that you own, then you have much more control over your site, if you are just using a site that is on some other companies subdomain then they are going to have ultimate control over it – I am sure I don’t need to explain why this is not a desirable situation.

One of the best places to buy a domain these days is Namecheap because you get free WhoisGuard protection – this is just something that stops snoopers from looking up the domain you bought on the whois database and finding out a lot of your personal details from it. It was also voted the best domain registrar by Lifehacker readers. So head over to Namecheap and try to register YOURNAME.COM or if it is not available, then consider the other suggestions it gives you too. They could be something like:





You may find out that you have to be a little bit creative when deciding on what domain you want to buy, you could even use your school nickname or if you did not have one – make one up! It is advisable that you do not buy a .info domain because they do not have a very good reputation. There is nothing inherently ‘wrong’ with a .info domain but they commonly get bought just because they are cheap and that is not the impression you want to give. Also – definitely do not get a .mobi because these domains were intended for sites designed for mobile phones – I actually bought one of these when I was a beginner, but remember what I said earlier about failure – lol! If you can’t find any suitable .com variation then you should also consider a .net or .org. A decent .com, .net or .org domain should only cost around $10 per year which is very cheap indeed so do not hesitate any longer in taking your first step on your journey to success.

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