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Amazing Niche Markets to Start a Product Review Blog

Amazing Niche Markets to Start a Product Review Blog

Why you should Start a Product Review Blog

New products are launched on daily basis and before a customer purchases, he or she may want to have a piece of good knowledge about it and view feedback from previous users, to know if the product is worth buying.

Do you know you can help customers get this done, easily?

Yes. With your product review blog, you can write wonderful reviews for various products in the market.

This is why I have come up with this step-by-step guide on how to start your product review blog.

Starting a blog is much easier than you think. So many persons run away from blogging because they feel it’s too tedious.

Hey! No need to run away.

This post has been carefully refined to take away every stress associated with blogging. You don’t need to rack your brain, thinking of what to do, anymore.

This guide will take you through the process of starting your product review blog, as well as writing beautiful reviews, generating traffic, and making money out of it.

Great right?



Steps to Get you Started with your Product Review Blog

Have you ever loved to share your views about various brands you know? Well, this is great.

You can as well, turn this passion to profit, by writing feedback reviews on various products. These products could be the ones you’ve tried and tested or maybe have deep information to give out.

Take up products, know what they do and how they help the consumer. After examination, you can put up a post, explaining your findings, and helping the users easily access them.

Just take up the product and say something!

Now, do you really want to start your super blog on product review?

Well then, let’s get started.

  1. Find a product niche
  2. Launch your blog
  3. Make researches on various products
  4. Create explicit content
  5. Generate traffic
  6. Make money for your blog


  1. Find a Product Niche

In your product review blog, you will need to be known for something. You’re not a generalist! It’s a wonderful thing to have a broad knowledge of diverse areas but your blog doesn’t need that.

Your product review blog is for product reviewing (you already know that).

While some persons may wish to review a lot of products, others may love to niche down to a particular product. There’s no clear-cut method for niching down while giving your thoughts on products.

If you wish to start out with so many products at a time, you will have to go wide, so as to know the latest product which has been launched. From books to technological gadgets, cooking utensils, clothing accessories, etc.

However, if you want to be known as a specialist in a particular field, you need to choose a product for your blog. They could be books, electronics, software, or anything you love to write about.

In this situation, you will have to have full details about the product. If possible, you should be able to make use of the products, so as to know what it truly does.

You can use these to guide you, before choosing a particular product.

  • Knowledge about the product — it could be toys, household products, etc. It should be something you use. This will help you give out “what you know.” You may not actually be able to lay hold on all products in your niche but you should have enough details to help its users — that’s your aim.
  • Market demand — if you truly want to be a successful product review blogger, you MUST know how the product “reacts” in the market. Avoid products that are obscure and not needed. For you to affiliate with various platforms, you will need to have a product that people actually need, else you will end up doing something that no one likes — that’s such a waste of time!

Do keyword research and know what’s in the market.

  • Competition — of course, you’re not the only product review blogger in the world — not the first either. There are thousands of other bloggers around. You need to know who is working on the same product as yours. If you’re going for a competitive niche, you will have a lot of tasks to carry out, in order to be seen. Do your findings and devise a marketing strategy. It will help you know how to organize your blog, to beat the competition otherwise, you won’t be seen or heard.
  1. Launch your Blog

Now you’ve got a profitable niche, it’s time to put it up somewhere: a place that will be easily accessible to frontend users — your audience!

For you to give reviews on various products, you will need to have a platform, where you work. You will need a blog!

So, it’s time to set up a blog.

  • Get a domain name —before doing anything techy, your proposed blog should have a name. This is your domain name. It may be quite difficult to come up with a suitable name for your blog but it’s fine and natural. Don’t push it. Take your time and come up with something nice. Have a list of names and pick out the best name for your blog. If you’re having any difficulty, you can as well, use a blog name generator. It will help you with great suggestions. To get a nice domain name for your blog, use these tips:
  1. It must be unique
  2. It must be blend with your blog message and motive
  3. Avoid the use of hyphens and numbers
  4. Make it catchy and easy to remember
  5. Try as much as possible to avoid using words with alternative meanings
  6. Also, avoid trademarked words
  • Find a suitable hosting service — for your blog to be seen, it will need a location in cyberspace. Get a hosting service to host your blog and give it a home. You can try out Bluehost. They are one of the best hosting services with amazing features. Get monthly, biennial, or annual plans: anything within your budget.


  • Install WordPress — if you’re using Bluehost, they will install WordPress for you. So, it’s even easier and cheaper! Also, find suicide themes and plugins to give your blog and good appearance and add functionality to it — even without touching a single code!

So you see? It’s not difficult after all. I would love for you to check out this explicit guide, that will take you through all the processes of setting up your blog and making it go live.

  1. Make Researches on Various Products

While reviewing products, you will need to do a lot of research. For every product you wish to write about, you will need to know about it.

When visitors come to buy, they will need detailed information about the various products displayed.

Go out and meet various authorities in your niche. Meet producers and manufacturers of various products to know how it can solve a need.

You can also make your reviews on the products you have used. Get some of them, try them, and know what they do, before passing your findings to the public.

Whatever you do, just give out value.

  1. Create Explicit Content

You already know that your blog thrives on engaging, valuable, and attractive content. For you to stand out in the crowd, you will need a voice — your content does that.

Of you fail to give out quality content, you will lose your audience to the competition. Invest highly on content creation. It’s what keeps your blog running.

You can create content through these forms:

  • Texts — write reviews and every other thing needed to be written. It’s all about writing! You can as well develop a blueprint to help you easily come up with great, unique reviews. Try these:
  1. Give a little introduction
  2. Show how you have used or tested the product (this is why you need to have detailed knowledge about it).
  3. Give an explanation about the product
  4. State the unique benefits
  5. Also, state the pros and cons (your audience needs this too).
  • Photos — spice up your blog with beautiful pictures of the products. You can take high-quality images of you, using them. Avoid blurry images, they will make you look unprofessional. You can also have a gallery, where you display photos of various products. It’s your content!
  • Videos — of course, videos cannot be taken away from the content. You might choose to use videos (as vloggers do). Your audience may resonate better with something they can view and connect with. Just make sure your videos are low in size and memory. They shouldn’t take up much space in your blog; it may make your blog slow.

Check out the perfect content for your blog and make sure it’s suitable for your audience. While writing, make sure you use words that are not too ambiguous. Your audience needs to understand your review.

Write the best content before publishing. It may not be perfect, just keep getting better. Don’t rush it.

  1. Generate Traffic

Your product review blog is not meant for you alone — not even for your friends alone too. It should be a global blog.

This is why you need to invest highly in traffic generation. You will need to make your blog go “viral.” Would you love to write reviews and have no one read them? I’d rather not.

So how can you generate traffic to your blog?

  • SEO Practices — SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You will need to optimize your blog, for it to rank high on search engines. Do keyword research and push your blog above the competition and make visitors spot it easily.

You don’t need to be an SEO expert to do this. Just have basic knowledge. Check out my post on the best SEO practices. It will guide you on everything you need to know about optimizing your blog.

  • Social media — you may not put much time on SEO (but you still need to). You can as well, share your wonderful posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

To get more visitors to view your products, put them out on platforms you use and get your followers to check out your new posts.

Other means of generating traffic to your blog include guest posting, joining groups, having an email list, etc. Also, your content will determine the kind of visitors that will come to your blog.

Give out quality content and watch how visitors will flock your blog. If you cannot write great product reviews, you will lose your audience to the competition.

  1. Make Money from your Blog

As a blogger, one great goal is for you to make money. Your efforts need to be rewarded. This is why you need to seek monetization options.

There are so many ways to make money from your blog. One prominent way to do this is through affiliate marketing.

Seek various platforms to start affiliating with them. You can also display ads on your blog. After all, you’re “selling” products!

There are other wonderful ways to make money from your blog. Check out my post on how to make money on youtube.

  • Application Software:

You can start out by reviewing various apps launched. When users visit your blog, they should know what each app does and how it will be able to solve their pressing needs.

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