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A Simple And Profitable YouTube Marketing Method

A Simple And Profitable YouTube Marketing Method

This technique is pretty simple which enables it to be repeated hundreds or even thousands of times. It involves trying to find a particular topic as well as high search volume keywords which you would like to get a high rank on Google search for. Although ranking highly on Google search for new sites can be very hard nowadays, doing this for a YouTube video is much less of a headache.

Keyword research 

Go to the Google Keyword Tool and set it to EXACT (very important) and try to find a keyword with at least 10-20 thousand searches per month. After you have found a keyword you like the look of, put it into Google search and perform a search on it. The ideal situation would be for there to be no YouTube videos in the top 10 – but it does not mean this keyword is useless to you if there does happen to be a YouTube video in the top 10. If you want to find out more about the competitiveness of the keyword you are thinking of using, then search for the best keyword research tool out there. Its preferable to choose between a lower competition keyword than it is for a higher competition keyword, but if there is no YouTube video in the top 10 then that would be all the keyword research I would bother doing because there is no reason why my video would not take that top 10 spot.

Find a related CPA offer

For example if your keyword is about the new Nintendo console – Wii U, then a CPA offer where you could get a free Wii U with an email submit would be a great match. I would always prefer offers where you get a small amount of money without anyone needing to buy anything because it’s always going to be much easier to get someone to submit their email address than it is to get them to part with their money.

Start recording your video

Use some video making software like Camtasia or Camstudio (which is free) and start recording yourself filling out the offer. It is very important you do this with your offer preview inside your CPA account so you don’t get in trouble for filling out your own offers. Also download related images – a few pictures of the Wii U would do nicely in this case.

Make a short video montage

You are going to have to be a little bit creative here – start your video with a few images of the Wii U console and include some kind of text. For example – ”Want a Wii U?” ”You could be one of the first to get one”…..and so on. After that you need to let them know that all they have to do is visit your offer and follow the instructions – this is the part where you include the video of yourself filling out the preview offer.

Upload to YouTube

Title: Wii U

Description: The chance for a new Wii U is just a few steps away. Visit (just try to have the keywords in your link, you do not need to go and register your own domain for this).

Tag: You only need to use one tag – in this case ‘Wii U’.

YouTube SEO

If there is no video in the top 10 then this will probably not be required, but its up to you. would be a good place to go for this – just find the most popular SEO services and use them as it will only cost $5 per video. When they ask you for the anchor text it will just be your keyword. If pinging is not included then ping the links yourself when you get your report. Another way to improve the effectiveness of your video is for there to be positive comments and likes on it. It is a good idea to close the comments after you get your first few positive ones because there is no reason why there being negative ones is going to help.

This is pretty much all there is to it. It is reasonable to expect to make at the very least $5 a day on keywords with at least 20 thousand exact searches per month. You just need to rinse and repeat and there is no reason why you can’t make a new video each day.

If you don’t have a CPA account

I do know of a CPA network called Global Matrix Media which is auto-approve but you need to explain your promotion method before they will let you promote a particular offer. Another option is MaxBounty which is a CPA network with an excellent reputation and over 10000 active affiliates. One thing they are well known for is that they are never late in paying their affiliates. Last but not least, you can join the popular internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum and look out for people advertising for CPA network affiliates in their forum signature, I have personally done this before and got accepted easily.

I guess all there is to say now is good luck to you in your new venture and I hope you make a success of it!

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